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From wearing shorts, to suits, to heels in a skirt, biomega bicycles are an ideal form of transportation with chainless drive-trains.

Biomega represents a paradigm shift in the way bikes are conceived. Biomega is the first company to view the bicycle as a lush piece of design- furniture for locomotion - that could also bring about absolute transformation in today's urban environments. To achieve these goals, they work with the world's best industrial designers and create head-turning, trend-setting, low-maintenance bikes that defy people's preconceived notions about transportation. Not only is Biomega a pioneer in New Luxury, but, thanks to their groundbreaking super-plastic forming, shaft transmissions, night glow frames, and dynamic high-stress load bonding, they are also pioneers in developing the perfect technology to transform urban living.

Biomega bikes compete directly with cars by constructing bicycles that are so beautiful that they imbue our cities with new meaning, even as they make us healthier, happier, and more connected than a car ever could. Simply put Biomega bikes, and the trendsetters who ride them, have the ability to transform the world into a more beautiful place, and blend our dreams for the future with the needs of the present. Biomega bikes are meant to usher in a new age in city living. All it takes is one look - and one ride - to understand the difference we can make, as bike, rider, and style become one.

Biomega Designers - World Leaders in Industrial Design

Biomega design tradition clearly lies in the Scandinavian realm even though in general the designers aren’t Scandinavian. A lot of work has gone into sticking to a clear urban essence, simple appearance and simple Human-Machine interface. The design work is consistent to perfectionism throughout the product line and fully in tune with the product philosophy.

Biomega believes, that although design is becoming less form-follows-function and more emotive the old problem-solving paradigm of design is not about to be extinct. However a new approach will need to be created to discover new objects and explore new product category frontiers. The product we Biomega is  exploring is the bike. For the first time, a company is dedicating its resources to the bicycle and turning it into a pure design product. Biomega is committed to designing the perfect urban bike and exploring its frontiers.

Design tradition is anchored in visual appearances. Biomega wants to take design from its visual origin to gradually include more and more senses: Olfactory, auditory, tactile,  all the whole way to your taste buds. This is the path to increased emotional connectivity between you and your bike. The emotional connection is what creates an immediate attraction, creating an intimate relationship.

All designers involved with Biomega work within these values. Yet every designer has his own approach to this essence; be it Marc Newson's serialism, Ross Lovegrove's organic essentialism, Jens Martin Skibsted eclectic minimalism or Karim Rashid’s biomorphism.

Beatrice Santiccioli: Has selected the colors for Biomega's bike collection. You may recognize her work with Apple, as she is Apple's go to person for the color selections of the ipods. “…I am introduced to the product by the intense, meticulous, almost maternal vision of the designer, and by the more pragmatic, paternal vision of the company management. It is a bit like meeting the parents of a product, and this is the context for my contribution, aimed at shaping the product’s future personality; I am like a tutor.”

Marc Newson: “I approached both bikes as an exercise in joining the dots and looked for the simplest form that was able to do this, to connect the headset to either the bottom bracket or seat and then to the rear wheel. Also, it was of huge importance to me to lose all the superfluous shit and hide all the ugly bits, like the cables”.

Ross Lovegrove: "How can I go from designing airline interiors to soap to bicycles? I fly three times a week, I use soap every night, and I need a bike, goshdarnit!"

Karim Rashid: “Biomega is a one of the few companies in the world that have brought beauty, intelligence, innovation, and emotion to the everyday bicycle. I am so pleased to be working with Biomega to develop and contribute to their vision and reputation. I kvell over the opportunity to shape part of their bicycle culture and I am BIOrganically thrilled and MEGA-excited.”

Jens Martin Skibsted: “For the Biomega brand I’ve tried to make instant classics. This might sound a little far fetched, but I think you can discipline yourself to have a certain eye for the phenomenology of an object & reproducing the essence of that object in a specific design for your time & surroundings without it loosing its appeal over time - contrary to being an object of fashion.”

Vexed: “Vexed seek to generate debate as well as provide aesthetic and utilitarian benefits to users and in doing so improve individuals experience of the urban environment and effect positive social change.”

Paul Croft: “The products I have designed for Biomega are based on simple twists on everyday objects, from bike clips to a sponge to clean your bike. The design of the bike clip was to be produced from Laser cut sprung stainless steel. An accessory previously overlooked, my aim was to take the object from the mundane and purely functional to a level that was more in tune with jewelry and the quality of the Biomega bikes.”

The Designers for Biomega focus on the product goal and general feel instead of the technologies involved. The result is that the Human-Machine interface seems simpler and is more in harmony with your feelings towards the product.

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