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About Montague BikesMontague bikes have been evolving, ever since their creation by David Montague in 1987 while he was in graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T). Mr. Montague formed the Montague Corporation - as a company focused on designing and producing full-size, high-performance bicycles that fold. These are high quality bikes that sacrifice nothing in performance and still provide the folding benefit for space saving convenience.

The first bicycle designed by Montague was called the "Montague BiFrame" for its patented Concentrus folding system. This unique idea actually unites the two parts of the frame with concentric seat tubes, one nested inside the other. Since this creation, the Montague Corporation has never hit the brakes, winning numerous awards along the way, including the Popular Mechanic's Design & Engineering Award.

In 1996, Montague teamed up with BMW to create a mountain bike that was chosen as the Official Mountain Bike of the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA. These bikes were featured in the closing ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics. This was just the beginning of Montague being recognized at the highest of levels.

In 1997, Montague won a two-year grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), who recognized the importance of the folding technology, to work with the United States Marines in developing the Tactical Electric No Signature (TENS) Mountain bike. For this project Montague developed a new folding design, enabling the bike to fold faster for Paratrooper exit from military aircraft while also increasing its load bearing capacity. This gave rise to the Paratrooper, Montague's non-electric Military Mountain Bike. The Paratroopers jump out of the airplanes with the bikes tethered to their packs and hanging from a rope, they are then able to unfold the bike upon landing, and ride to their destination.

In 1999 Montague launched a consumer line of bikes, the X-Series, based on the original Military Bike design. Due to the success of the X-Series and the publicity surrounding the DARPA development, there was an overwhelming demand for the original Military Bike. Montague decided to manufacture and launch the Paratrooper for professional and civilian use.

In 2007 Montague released a new line of rugged mountain bikes based on the X-Series platform. This new line was named SwissBikes, and they feature more aggressive rider positioning with a focus on performance mountain biking. The SwissBike XO is the lightest, most technologically advanced bike in Montague's lineup. The SwissBikes are a great compliment to the already diverse Montague lineup.

In 2010 Montague debuted a new frame design and with it, an entirely new line of full size, 700c folding bikes. These bikes are designed for pavement oriented and commuter bike riders. The new frame design features more elegant lines and a redesigned folding mechanism that allows for a faster, easier fold. With the addition of these models, Montague is able to offer a bike for every style of riding.

Whether you are riding on the beach, in a neighborhood, navigating an urban jungle, or are flying down a hard-core mountain bike trail, Montague has a folding bike that will fit your needs.

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