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Batavus Bikes- Dutch Bicycles

Living below sea level does not allow one the luxury to react to problems once they happen. Instead, the Dutch have the uncanny ability to anticipate and answer problems well before they take place. This is especially true of their products, and most especially, their bikes. There is simply no bike as durable, reliable, or fashion friendly as a Batavus bike.

The iconic Dutch bike is, of course, the Old Dutch. But to think of this as the quintessential Dutch bike is a mistake. The typical Dutch bike these days is an aluminum frame with a seven or eight speed hub, and drum brakes. But the essence remains the same: a Batavus is a fully equipped bike - one that is fully equipped with some key elements, a full chaincase, a wheel-lock, and internal gears and brakes throughout. Plus, they’re pretty.

While most bike companies are only just beginning to tackle problems such as fashion friendly designs, a Batavus bike does far more than just keep your clothing clean. No North American bicycle company, for instance, has ever viewed seasonal outdoor storage as a problem worth solving. But, as any urbanite knows, there is no room inside to store your bike. In Holland, where it rains perpetually and salt is used to clear icy streets, the need for a weatherproof bike is a necessity. Fortunately, a Batavus bicycle is not only weatherproof, it is also rugged - built to withstand all the bumps and batters it receives riding outside in urban centers. These bikes are built to last - In fact, it is not unusual to see Batavus bikes that are over fifty years old riding around Holland. They last that long - seriously.

While high end road bike companies are always innovating their bikes to be optimized for speed and performance, the city cyclist in North America has largely been ignored. In Europe, the bicycle has long been used as a primary mode of transportation with Batavus leading the way! Dutch based Batavus is the European leader in city bikes, and with a large export market to the icy streets of Scandinavia and the hilly regions of France and Germany, Batavus is building the most adaptable and evolved city bike in the world. With more innovation and safety awards than any other city bike company in Europe, Batavus is centuries ahead of their competition.

Batavus Bicycles are the True "Dutch Bike" - many imitations have been sold in the United States throughout the years - but none compare - we are proud to be able to offer you the real deal - Batavus Dutch Bikes.