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After a protracted search for a new commuter/city bike, I found what I wanted after looking at various reviews and a couple of test rides. I settled on a Breezer Uptown Infinity, mostly because I like the Nuvi 360's smoothness, silence, and reliability.

When I started to price the bike out, most retailers were out of my price range. Enter Commuter Bike Store, who offered prior model years of the same style bike. At $799, their 2012 Breezer Uptown Infinity was $450 less than the local bike store that also had a 2012 model in stock.

On top of that, the Customer Service people at Commuter Bike Store were the only ones who actually listened to my criteria for choosing a bike. Almost every other store's salespeople just tried to force THEIR preferred bike on me instead of figuring out what bike would be most suitable in meeting my needs.

Add to that their quick delivery, excellent customer service, and ratings from previous customers...and I now consider Commuter Bike Store my preferred vendor.

Thank you Commuter Bike Store. You ROCK !

Peter Moran
Vienna, VA

I don't write testimonials, but I feel compelled to write one for the extraordinary service I received at the Commuter Bike Store. First off, I purchased a rare bike at nearly 75% less than what it would cost in a bike store. The day I pulled the trigger and purchased it was the day it shipped. I received it in 2 days, so fast that I was unprepared to receive it, but over joyed none-the-less -- you see, I've purchased two other bikes online and had to wait for weeks, so already my experience was out-of-the-ordinary. But, my experience with the Commuter Bike Store did not end there. Two months into riding the bike the frame became misaligned due to a manufacture's defect. I wasn't sure what to do because as anyone knows, ordering online is sometimes sketchy and retailers have no intention of honoring warranties... instead preferring to give you a run-around and prolonged months of email exchanges. I took photos of the issues and wrote them an email inquiry. Again, the response was immediate and after little exchange they agreed that my situation was a legitimately covered by warranty. They sent me a new bike all within a week or so.

I am supremely grateful to The Commuter Bike Store for how this was handled and glad I purchased my bike from them.  I am also glad to be back on the road and looking forward to continuing my summer commute to work.  I recommended this store to my friends and anyone who admires my bike on the street... I plan on purchasing my next bike from here as well.

Thanks again to the crew at CBS.


Omar J. Aziz

I received my bicycle and love it!

Thank you,
Holly R.

Hi Micheal , received the skewer , thanks for everything , love the bike.

Regards Peter F.

About the Biomega CPH Copenhagen bike

I love this Bike! I am a designer and I wanted to make a change in my life in LA: Ride more, Drive less … but my Colnago Masterlight ( which I have not ridden for many years) is not a commuter bike by any stretch of the imagination, and I was looking for a bike to get me around town and be kind to me. On my very first day of riding, I could not be happier with the Copenhagen!

Purchase: I could only find one dealer for Biomega in LA, SportEve, which is a woman's sports store in Culver City. I did not go there, not being a woman, figuring they would not have this bike. So I bought the bike on line from last weekend. They said that it was in stock and ready to be shipped, and when I did not receive an order confirmation from them, I began to wonder. When I emailed, however, Michael, responded and gave me all the details I requested. The Web site says they ship in 1-2 days, and delivery is within 7 days. Seems to me the bike ships from Washington State, and indeed, I had the bike by Friday, late morning via Fed Ex. The Service from Commuter Bikes, after I emailed, was excellent, and I would buy from them again.

Out of the box: Wow! Beautiful! Uber Modern. Clean. Elegant. Stunning. Amazing Design and Fabrication! I was surprised by the Square downtube! I could not tell its shape in the photos on Biomega's site or in any of the photos on Flickr, etc. That Square section down tube is luscious. I got the silver bike, because it is made of Aluminum, and it just made sense to me. Right after I bought the bike, I was talking to a friend, and we were discussing the other colors, esp buttermilk, which is awful on any other bike, but would look amazing on this one. Same with all the other colors, White and "baby" blue. The silver is amazing because it is so minimal and essential, but part of me still wonders about those other oddly beautiful colors. I hope to see them someday, on the road.

Assembly: The Bike arrived in a Biomega box, in perfect condition, though the box had a couple of "extra" holes in it. The assembly is pretty straight forward. I design and build furniture, but am not the most mechanically inclined person, and the bike was easy to assemble. The only tricky part was installing the handle bars, and stem, and that was because, without knowing it at the time, I installed the fork backwards ( more later). The rear wheel assembly is completely set up on the bike. After installing the front wheel, pedals, and the seat the bike looked whole. I did need to adjust the cable length on the front and rear brakes, because they were loose, out of the box, but this was pretty easy, with a pair of pliers and the included allen wrench( there is also a knob adjustment on the front disk brake. In the past, I have never really loved to adjust brakes, but these adjustments were easy and straight forward, though I did spend a little time carefully thinking through the mechanics of the cables and the fastening system. For some this is a no brainer, but for me, I did not want to mess anything up, and I was able to make the adjustments pretty easily.

Aside: The day before it arrived, I was looking for a lock, and I saw a Sigma, bike computer ( DTS 1606L) that is wireless, has cadence, and is grey to match the bike and the handle bars. At 75 bucks it seemed like a good deal. It took about a half hour to install, but works perfect, and several people ask if it came with the bike. It really does fit perfectly with the design of the bike.

First Impressions: This bike is sleek. It is not light at about 35 lbs on my scale, but when I ride it, I cannot tell. It handles very well, tacks straight and is very smooth. The gearing on the Shimano 8 speed hub works well. I was getting some skipping in 5th gear, but a few turns on the cable adjustment and that stopped. It is now working perfectly. I find myself using 4th and 5th most of the time, and I wish they were a little closer together… but I am used to the campy gear set on my MasterLight, so perhaps that explains this impression. I like the shifting, and how I have to coast to shift, rather than pedal, because I can shift when I am slowing down or stopped. This is great for traffic lights, and saves me from braking and pedaling to down shift, as I have always had to do in the past. The really interesting thing I noticed was how fast this bike seems to me. I was expecting a bike this heavy to feel a little sluggish and soft around the edges, but it is tight and smooth and fast. I was pleasantly surprised when l looked down on my bike computer an saw I was doing 18mph. Decent clip and I was not working super hard… there may have been a slight down slope in the road, there, but still I thought to myself, that is about how fast I used to ride on the Colnago.

I love my Colnago, but I love this bike to, for different reasons, The roads where I live are not great. They are cracked and have lots of imperfections. On the Copenhagen, with its 26 x 1.75 tires and strong frame I am not worrying about every road imperfection, and how it might put my wheel out of true. For that reason alone, it is a more relaxing and enjoyable ride.

The seat is beautiful but hard. I bought this bike for the way it it designed and for the way it looks and performs, and from the photos, I thought the seat was an important part of the design, but it is not as integral to the design as I imagined, The Logo on the back is subtle, and clean, but the seat is hard. I am on my 40's, a bit overweight ( hence part of the lifestyle change I am working on here) and have had prostate issues in the past, so I took my old Sele Italia, Trans Am anatomical seat from the Colango and put it on the Biomega. Ahhhh. Much Nicer.

The only criticism I have is a minor one, and that is the standard reflectors on the pedals. They are thick and heavy and somehow dont fit with the design. I think I am going to take the reflectors off, because the bike will visually be tighter, and will appear more harmonious.

As I am writing this I realize I have not even spoken about the shaft drive. After all that minutiae about reflectors and seats, what about the most innovative aspect of this bike? Well, I did not notice it. The shaft drive is quiet and smooth and perfect. I am sure that chains are more efficient, if you were to measure the power transfer, especially in relation to weight, but I am not riding The Tour or The Giro here. I am riding to the store, and the coffee shop to meet some friends. The shaft drive is spectacular, and I rode with jeans just to see what it is like to ride with normal clothes. One of the reasons I got this bike is so I do not have to dress up to ride. I have been not ridden in jeans since high school, and I love not having to dress up to ride. The only issue with the drive train is that the rear brake cable is so long, as it goes under the bottom bracket that the cadence sensor on the crank arm was hitting it, and it was making a clicking sound with every revolution. I pulled the cable back up into the bike frame a little and the click was gone. Smooth, quiet, elegant, beautiful.

Around Town. First Stop at 9am, Pete's coffee on Ventura Blvd, Studio City. I lock the bike to then fence, and in 20 seconds a guy is asking me about the bike. "That's a beautiful Bike" he says. " What is it?" " Clean, Very Clean." He has an old bike, but he knows bikes. " That is a really steep fork rake" he says, and we talk about the quick handling and tweeky ride. His Friend Arrives with a Specialized CF Roubioux ( beautiful!), and we talk for 20 minutes. Another guy walks up and is listening, then asks, " what is it made of ?" then, " How much does it weigh?" For those of you buying this bike, make sure you weigh the bike before you take it out into public, because everyone wants to know. I had not weighed it, and I did not remember the weight, because I don't care. But everyone else seems to care about weight. ( now home, it weighs, about 35 lbs) .

I sit down and have my coffee, and another guy rides up, stares at it, takes out his iPhone, and snaps a few shots. As I get ready to leave, I say hi, and he asks where I bought it. Then he explains that the fork is on backwards. He is decked out in riding gear, and has a racing bike, and is a bit dismissive of this mistaken assembly, but I admit to having done it, and ride off. Around the corner, I take out my allen wrenches, and turn the fork around, and the bike rides even better, more stable and less twitchy. ( I told you I was not very mechanically inclined, and that proves it, so pretty much anyone can put the bike together, just watch for the fork direction)

At the bike shop, they are looking at the shaft drive while I am looking for gloves. The weight question comes up. The mechanic lifts it and guesses 32 lbs. A customer is explaining the planetary gearing in the hub, but I don't really understand him. Everyone says the same thing about the design: "Clean" " Modern" And the thing that I love about this is that they are all right, and this is exactly why I bought this bike: Capitol M, Modern Design. Everyone Smiles, everyone loves the bike, everyone wants to know what it weighs. I love the smile and the conversations, but I still don't care about the weight.

I ride to another shop to find gloves and a couple is outside, because the store it not open yet. Same thing: " I like your bike" " It is so Modern looking" "Very clean" " How much did it cost?" "How much does it weigh?" Lots of smiling. I Love it.

It feels great to be on a bike again. This bike rides very nicely, smooth, easy, exactly what I wanted. The design is impeccable, a real attention getter, not because it is tricky or weird, but because it is simply beautiful design. Jens Martin Skidsted and Biomega have done a superb job on this bike. I could not be happier. It is still dark out right now, and it was raining last night, but I am looking forward to the sun and another ride to Pete's or maybe over to Santa Monica later in the day. Actually I am just excited about getting back on the Copenhagen and riding again, even though my ass is going to hurt a lot worse today, than yesterday.



The bike is great. I love it. Road 30 miles this afternoon even in high wind. I have taken it on a couple of trips already. I am certainly not fast at folding and unfolding, but it all as worked well. Muscles are tired so I must get to bed.


My Breezer Finesse is SICK....Thanks to Michael for all of his help with regard to assembling the bike! He was patient, understanding, and was always acting in good faith. I will continue to shop the Commuter Bike Store for accessories.

Now on the the Finesse. It is by far the sweetest bike that I have ever ridden and I actually take super scenic routes to and from work now in order to put more miles on. Breezer is a brand that I will stick with for who knows how long since they have the best clue as to what a serious bike commuter needs, even if we didn't think we needed it!
Thanks to Michael, his fiance, and to Breezer.


Hi Michael!

I just wanted to let you know that the Montague X70 mountain bike was delivered on Friday, 11 FEB 2011. My husband and I tried out a 12 mile mountain bike trail on Saturday, and we had a blast! We just wanted to thank you for your outstanding customer service You worked on our delivery issue, and it was resolved quickly. We also thank Montague for sending us another bike so quickly.

Thanks again!

Lisa S

Regarding Montague Boston Folding Bike

I purchased my Montague Boston early this year from Commuter Bike Store.

First off, Commuter Bike Store has been one of the friendliest and most helpful web based stores I have dealt with. Service is exceptional and you will be hard pressed to find a better deal on their selection of bikes.

Secondly, you won't find another bike like the Montague Boston. The Boston bike is really a unique bike. It is the only 700C folder on the market and if you are looking for a fixie, this is definitely worth considering. I wanted a fixie, but I also wanted a folder I could throw into the back of my car. With the Boston, I found exactly what I was looking for.

Straight out of the box, the bike is good to go, with decent components and a very functional, compact fold (for 700C). This probably won't be a rapid transit commuter, but for traveling by car, this is hands down the best folder you can buy. It is a 10-second fold and rides like a normal bike, handling terrain with stability. It also happens to be the stiffest folding bike available. I've tried every folder on the market and only the Ritchey break-away and Alex Moulton bikes are comparable in stiffness. The advantage to the Montague bike is the rapid fold and how the fold pivots around the seat tube, maintaining structural integrity of the frame and fork. It ends up being as stiff as a full frame bike. It is the only folder that doesn't ride or feel like a folder. I use this as my main training bike. You can see close ups on

If you're looking for a single speed / fixed bike and always wanted something practical to store in your apartment or throw in the back of your car, look no further - the Boston bike is your ticket.

Marek K.

Regarding Breezer Villager Bike

Excellent Commuter Bike....
I have used this bike for 11 months and absolutely love it. My commute is 4 miles each way over flat terrain. The bike comes ready to run out of the box. Some of the things you will want to note about the Villager are the rear rack, self generating front and tail light, chain guard, mud guards with mud flaps, reflective tire walls, kickstand, bell, shock absorbing seat post, and incorporated lock for the rear wheel. These are all nice things for a commuter bike that either cannot be installed on some other bikes at all or will cost you some extra cash to modify the bike. This bike is fun to ride and makes you feel like a kid again. I have absolutely no complaints and would buy this bike again in a heartbeat if I had it all to do over again.


Regarding Melon Slice Folding Bike

This bike is simply fun to ride. I've put about 10 miles on it so far and its just makes me smile. It's plenty fast, climbs well and actually fits me and i'm 6' tall. I'd totally recommend it.


"Patrick Cunnane
CEO Kestrel Bicycles
10940 Dullon Road
Philadelphia PA 19154

Dear Mr. Cunnane:

I am writing to let you know about a very satisfactory experience I had wilh one of your dealers, and their associates at Cyclefit-Bustleton Bikes.

I recently purchased a 2010 Kestrel Talon SL from Before deciding, I personally visited close to 10 local bicycle stores and several online vendors. None were as helpful or supportive of the Kestrel products as Some online vendors only communicated by e-mails which oftcn lack details and are inadequate. Havng access to a real person who will listen patiently and guide the consumer appropriately is becoming the exception in our high technology world, but it continues to be an important basic ingredient or good salesmanship.

Both prior and subsequent to my purchase, Michael was available by telephone and he guided me in a professional, polite, patient and friendly manner. The bicycle arrived as promised in perfect condition. For a minor elective adjustment to the seat post, Michael referred me to John Weniger at Cyclefit-Bustleton bikes and he too was patient, professional and thorough. My requests were addressed and managed promptly and courteously. Unfortunately, the weather in New York City has not permitted me to ride the bike, but I am confident it will be a rejuvenating experience, being that I have been away from riding for several years as a consequence of my busy work and familial duties.

Although purchasing such an expensive machine site-unseen via the Internet can be risky and problematic, my experience with Michael at and John at Cyclefit-Bustleton bikes was exceptional. This is the kind of representation that compliments your products and enhances sales. I commend them for their great work and am confident that, with associates of that caliber, you will be able to elevate Kestrel to its prior glory.
Thank you for your time.


Noel A., M.D.
New York, NY.

"After considerable research, I recently purchased a '10 Talon SL from Although buying something this expensive "sight unseen" can be stressful and risky, I had a great experience. First and foremost, the staff was available by phone to answer my questions and guide me through this potentially daunting process. During every encounter, I found them to be courteous, patient, friendly and helpful! My experiences with other internet sellers were not at all satisfying. Many don't have the time, interest or personnel to talk to their customers, but rather limit their assistance to short inadequate e-mail responses. I consider it a right not a privilege to be able to speak to a "human" when I am considering making a several thousand dollar purchase! The staff at gave me an excellent price on a new current model bicycle. The bike arrived on time, assembled 90+% and in perfect condition. Several post-purchase questions were answered promptly and effectively by the staff at and their mechanics at Chclefit-Bustleton bikes, conveniently located in Wallingford PA, close to the Kestrel headquarters.

As a consumer, I am writing this simply to share my very positive experiences, and to urge anyone interested in a Kestrel to give a try."

Dr. Noel, A. New York, NY.

"I received the post on Friday and immediately went for a ride! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bike! Thanks again for your help."

Danielle B.

"Well I must say, for being an online store I've never heard of. You guys do excellent work with custom satisfaction. I'll defiantly be sure to do return business when needed."

Could not say thanks enough,
Travis L.

Frank is overwhelmed with the Kestrel bike. He practically had to re-learn to ride, considering he was upgrading from a 30yr old Schwinn. He just cannot believe how great a ride he is getting, up the most challenging hills. He is riding his regular routes a lot faster, of course.... He loves the gears and the brakes, and the light weight is almost unbelievable. He had the guys at the local bike shop drooling."

Thank you so much for all of your assistance! Shannon

"I have been telling my friends about your store, which I found easier to deal with than several bike shops I visited!"

IJK Washington D.C.

"Fast and easy! I would definitely buy from the commuterbikestore again."

Ben K.

"Great product and excellent customer service."

Ralph S

"Received bike the next day. Seller is very responsive to questions."

Richard P.

"Excellent bike, just as described. Great Price, extremely happy. Thank You."

Robert H