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The Total Design Package - Design Versus Test

What is the “Total Package”? It is Kestrel’s pledge that the complete Kestrel bike you buy is the best possible Kestrel they can produce. Period.

A lot of companies spend hours in the wind tunnel – basically testing their tests. They determine which test produces the most favorable results for their products. They mix and match criteria to find exactly under what conditions their bike excels against the competition (i.e. Frameset only at – 10 degree YAW), and then they try to sell you purely on this criteria.

At Kestrel, they don’t test tests, they test bikes. Sure, they test against the competition – you have to stay competitive – but their focus is where it should be, on getting you the information you can use. Engineers compare combinations of frames, forks, bars, saddles, wheels (everything) under various conditions and protocols, inside and out of the wind tunnel, to determine what overall setup works best on the road. After all, who rides just a frameset at -10 degree YAW?

The new Kestrel 4000 was designed in the A2 wind tunnel. Their Engineers let the data dictate the process to ensure that all the details – final tube shape, frame design, geometry and component selection – came together. When all is said and done, the designers are confident that the very Kestrel you purchase is the fastest bike they can produce – A Total Package.

The Kestrel Design Protocol Follows These Guidelines:

• Testing begins at Zero YAW and goes out to 30-Degree YAW
• Wind speeds are set at 10, 20 and 30 MPH
• Kestrel tests with a rider on the bike and the bike alone

Why do it this way – after all – it is a LOT of work? The reason is because you are about to make a huge investment. You want to know that your bike, your investment is backed up with real results. You would not want to buy a sports car based on results of a model that isn’t what you are looking at on the showroom floor, would you?

When you own a Kestrel, Quality, Performance and Style are yours.

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