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Kestrel Parts

Kestrel bikes will usually have the following terms, or specifications used to describe the parts and technology of the bike model. The following terms refer to the most commonly used Kestrel parts and technology.

KSL – Kestrel Superlight:

Kestrel’s SL framesets represent the pinnacle in carbon fiber technology. Featuring Kestrel’s proprietary new blend of 800K High-Modulous fibers, to provide the lightest, best riding frame possible while maximizing the stiffness and handling response.

EMS – Kestrel Enhanced Modulous Hybrid:

Kestrel’s EMH frameset set the industry standard in carbon technology. Using proprietary blend of 700K intermediate-modulous carbon fibers combined with 800K high-modulous carbon fibers for increased performance, lower weight and incredible durability.

• Kestrel uses two different grades of carbon fiber, 700K and 800K. The “K” is short for KSI, which denotes the material’s tensile strength in thousands of pounds per square inch.

• Carbon’s stiffness beats other frame materials – hands down! The Kestrel 700K Carbon has a relative stiffness (or elastic modulus) of 33.4 million pounds per square inch (MSI), and the 800K fiber used is 42.7MSI.

FD – Fluid Design:

Fluid design is the common thread of Kestrel design and engineering. The look and feel of the fluid lines, the continuous flow of the long filament fibers, and in the case of their aero offerings, the true wind tunnel tested Airfoil tubes and frame sections.


EMS Pro – Fork, Seat Post, and all other EMS Pro Components are designed as one unit for optimal performance, FIT, Aerodynamics, and ride quality. Model-specific designs are used on each frame to maximize rider comfort and performance.

Finite Element Analysis:

Kestrel engineers use computer software to virtually test each Kestrel frame, fork and handlebar through design optimization. Finite Element Analysis enables the best strength to weight ratio, allowing them to use a proper carbon lay-up to improve rider comfort and reduce weight.

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