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Kestrel Philosophy and History

Committing to the Process:

At Kestrel, there is a philosophy. “If you commit to the process, the results will follow”. The designers at Kestrel recognize that if you focus on only the end results, you are setting yourself up for failure. Just as you as a rider are committed to consistent training, diligent nutrition and racing hard, Kestrel is dedicated to building the best bicycles in the world - bikes that are worthy of your commitment as an athlete to be the vehicle that transfers your training into proven, tangible, results. Each Frame design, every part of every bike, is meticulously designed to make you go faster. You are putting in the time, so Kestrel is putting in their time too. Together, with Kestrel’s respective commitments to their craft, and your abilities as a rider, your riding accomplishments will be lifted to new heights.

The Kestrel Experience:

Kestrel bicycles have always been distinctive – in both performance and aesthetics. Kestrel has been producing award winning carbon fiber products for over 20 years. Their experience is your reward. Deep down, what drives the Kestrel team is the same desire that drives your training. It is a desire to push your own standard, to not settle for limits, and to focus in on the task and goals before you. Kestrel feels what you feel. Every time you click in the pedals and stretch out on those bars, there is a confidence knowing that the Kestrel team is right there with you, driving towards the finish line.

Performance, Quality and Prestige:

In developing the 2010 bike lineup, Kestrel pushed their standards, ignored their limits and focused in on the task at hand. The result is obvious: a selection of bikes like nothing seen before. From their most reputable models, the Talon and RT series, on up to the newest addition, the 4000 series, Kestrel once again proves itself as a leader. You are committed and Kestrel is committed. It is a perfect match.

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