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Montague Bicycle Technology

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Montague Strives to maximize the performance and portability of all our their bike models in order to give you the most versatile bike possible. All Montague bikes are performance oriented bikes that fold. This means that they are designed with the best available materials to ensure their quality and to exceed your expectations.
Montague's Design Philosophy: You have probably already noticed that Montague folding bikes are different from all others. In fact, that can be looked at more so as a high quality bike, that as an added bonus - folds.
In addition to Montague's innovative technology, their foldable bikes were designed with the philosophy that performance comes first - the folding aspect is secondary. Most people in the bike industry agree that bicycles of the future will fold, but that is where the agreement ends. Montague designs full-size, high-performance bicycles that fold, not folding bicycles.

Montague bikes use standard, full-size wheels that millions of bikes use all around the globe. These wheel sizes have been chosen by a countless number of riders and all major bike companies because they offer by far the best stability, rolling resistance, and obstacle clearance.

Montague Bike Features: The cutting edge features built into Montague folding bikes are what put them ahead. The engineers go above and beyond to make sure you get the most out of your Montague

CLIXCLIX Wheel Release System: All Montague bikes come equipped with the new CLIX Wheel Release System. The CLIX System was designed to make removing and installing your front wheel easier and faster than ever. It is also designed to safely ensure that your wheel stays on your bike with the quick release wheel system.

OctagonOCTAGON Adjustable Stem: The Octagon offers all the benefits of an angle adjustable stem without shortening "reach" when raised. This unique design allows for the handlebar height to be changed while preserving the way the bike handles and rides. Also, with the octagonal shape of the post, steering remains engaged while raising or lowering the stem.

VRCThe Vibration Reduction Curve: The Vibration Reduction Curve (VRC), found on the Montague pavement line is designed to dampen road vibrations, making the ride smoother and more comfortable. By curving the double top tube frame, Montague's Engineers were able to disperse road vibrations in a way that reduces unwanted feedback in the handlebars and saddle area.

FITFolding Integrated Technology: Each bike frame is built around Montague's patented FIT system. This design eliminates the need to break the frame in order to fold the bike. Not only does this make folding easier, but it makes their bikes the strongest folding bikes on the market. Unlike other folding bicycles, you will not sacrifice performance for the folding feature. Montague uses their patented Concentrus system, which is a tube within a tube design that actually strengthens the frame by incorporating technology found on some high performance, dual suspension mountain bikes. This technology was developed by Montague for military use and is covered under numerous patents worldwide. No tools are required to fold and unfold Montague bicycles. Simply remove the front wheel and unlock one frame quick release.

PAPower Angle: Found on all Montague frames. The power angle is designed to help boost energy transfer to the rear wheel by greatly increasing the torsional rigidity of the bottom bracket. The result is a folding bike frame whose stiffness is unrivaled.

Materials used in frame construction are equally important. So Montague engineers, looking to the aircraft industry, have developed state of the art custom drawn 7005 series, aircraft grade aluminum tubing that is used on every bike they make. It would be easier and less expensive to use the same old round steel tubes that everyone else uses, but then Montague bikes would ride just like everyone else's, an option they just would not accept.

Montague's trend-setting frame materials are then assembled in their state of the art welding facility making a frame that boasts lateral stiffness for awesome power transfer, yet remains complaint in vertical motion so the bike does not feel harsh.

Finally, the frames are finished with a 5--ayer anti-corrosion finishing process allowing them to last longer and look better. All this adds up to a frame that will last a lifetime and is guaranteed to do so.

Discover Montague's folding commuter bike.