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Montague Bikes Information

Montague BikesMontague bicycles are Full-Sized Folding bikes that ride as structurally sound as a non-folding bike. Thanks to Montague's patented frame design, there is no break in the frame itself to decrease the rigidity of the frame.

Because all Montague Bikes are full-size, they are fitted with standard bike parts that can be found at nearly any local bike shop. Montague bikes are best looked at as a high - quality bicycle that as an added bonus folds. The folding is secondary to the fact that this is a great bike on its own, and would be a quality bike even if it did not fold.

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• Montague has been in business since 1987 when David Montague created the patented frame design while studying at M.I.T
• Montague's Folding Technology keeps the top-tube in tact, resulting in a rigid frame that transfers all of your energy and power to the drive-train.
• The Full Size wheels can handle the same terrain as a non-folding bike
• Full Mountain Bike Line is available.
• Full Commuter Bike Line with 700c wheels is now available
• Montague bikes are used by the US Military
• Easy to store - perfect for apartments, trunks, boats, RV's and airplanes.

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