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Montague Bikes FAQ

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How does a Montague Compare to other folding bikes?
Wheel size, frame integrity and ease of folding are the primary differences between folding bike technologies. Most folding bikes have small wheels that are not designed for performance or comfort. Montague bikes have 26” wheels, designed to handle serious off-road riding and urban commuting with comfort and ease.

All Montague bikes use their patented "Folding Integrated Technology" system in which the bicycle frame utilizes the seat tube as the pivot point, allowing the frame to pivot around and fold neatly into the rear frame. Some other companies cut the frame tube of their bikes, compromising the structural integrity of the frame. Montague bikes fold in less than 30 seconds - no tools required.

How does a Montague bike perform when compared to other non-folding bicycles?
The performance of a Montague is comparable to that of well-known, high-performance, non-folding bicycles that are in the same price range.

How do the bikes fold?
The Montague bike is designed to fold and unfold without the use of tools. Simply remove the front wheel and unlock the frame quick release. This can be done in a matter of seconds, allowing the bike to be stored with ease in your car, boat, plane, closet, office - or anywhere else you stash your gear.

How is Montague's folding system different from that of other folding bike manufacturers?
The foundation of all Montague bikes is their award winning, patented folding frame design, Folding Integrated Technology. F.I.T. utilizes the seat tube as the pivot point frame, secured by a quick releases lever, which allows the front frame to pivot around and fold neatly into the rear frame. Unlike other folding bikes on the market that sever frame tubes to accomplish folding, no tubes are cut or altered on our bikes, giving you rock solid performance.

Is the frame strength or rigidity compromised by the folding feature?
The folding element of Montague bikes compromises nothing, as no tubes are altered to allow the bikes to fold. Montague bikes pivot at the seat post allowing them to fold, whereas other folding bikes pivot in the middle of the top tube, which severs and weakens the frame.

What is the folded size of the bicycle?
Approximately 3' x 3' x 1'(varies slightly depending on the frame size)

How much do the bikes weigh?
The bikes weigh 29 pounds.

Why should I buy a Montague?
Montague is dedicated to providing high-performance, innovative folding bike designs - that's all they do. Their patented frame design is the most innovative and technologically advanced in the industry. With three unique designs available, there's a Montague for every riding style.

Industry standard components mean maintenance is as simple and convenient as it would be with a conventional bike. Quickly folding down to a compact 3' x 3' x 1', without the use of tools, they can be conveniently stored in a car, boat, plane, office, closet or anywhere else you stash your gear.

Montague bikes can be taken as stored luggage on commercial airplane flights, trains and buses. They can also be taken onto most mass transit such as subways, commuter rail and buses without restrictions to "off peak" hours.

Do Montague bikes follow the same sizing parameters as non-folding bikes?
Yes. The bicycles follow the same standard sizing as full-size, non-folding bikes. Montague utilizes a center-to-top measurement system, measuring from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube.

Are folding pedals available? Why are they not included with the bike?
Folding pedals are not used as original equipment because they are not readily available at any dealer for replacement or service. The bikes come with quality pedals and you are given the option of adding folding pedals as an accessory. Note: when ordering folding pedals, you will receive the standard set of pedals as well.

Is a kickstand available?
Yes, standard kickstands are available. If you would like to purchase one, please add it to your order.

Do industry standard racks and fenders work on a Montague?
Absolutely yes. A seat-post mount rack can be added to all models. In addition, the rear triangles on all of the bike models have rack bosses to accommodate touring-style racks.

Where can I buy replacement parts and accessories?
All Montague bikes use standard equipment and components that any of the 6,000 + bike shops in the USA have in stock or can easily obtain.

Do you custom-make any folding bicycles?
No, Montague bikes are shipped with the specifications shown on our website. We do not mix and match components, however all components are industry standard and can be modified per your liking at any local bike shop.

Can a Montague be checked on commercial airline flights? How?
Yes, all Montagues can be taken on commercial flights. The Airliner I case allows all of the bicycles to be checked as airline luggage. As each airline has different regulations we recommend that you contact your airline to confirm requirements and restrictions for checked luggage.

How well does a Montague hold up in a saltwater environment?
When on a boat, we suggest that the bike be stowed below deck in its water resistant carrying case. The custom paint process helps protect the frame from rust allowing the bikes to hold up extremely well in the marine environment. For this reason, Montague bikes are very popular among sailors and powerboat enthusiasts.

What is the Warranty on Montague Bikes?
or the original owner of a Montague, there is a one-year warranty available for the components, and a limited lifetime warranty for the bicycle frame.

How often should I get my bike tuned?
Your Montague should be tuned as often as you would tune a non-folding bike. A general rule of thumb is every 60-90 days for frequent riders.

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