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Folding bike

List of Folding Bike Manufacturers

When you want ultimate portability in a bicycle, we know you'll like our folding bike selection. These bikes compact to nearly half their expanded riding dimensions, making them ideal for storage in your car's trunk, office or other indoor space.  Commuters and travelers will appreciate the ease of folding bicycles on trains, buses, boats and airplanes.

We offer folding bike wheel sizes that range from 16" to full size 26", including 700c. You'll find our many accessories, such as folding pedals, carry cases and collapsable handlebars, will make your folding bike even more portable.

We have put together our list of the leading folding bike brands so you can compare the most innovative, practical and efficient designs that bicycle manufacturers create today.

Folding bike brands that we carry

Biomega Folding Bikes
Biomega Bicycles are designed in Denmark and feature some of the most innovative designs in the bike industry. Their folding bike is the named the Boston and features 24” wheels for tackling all types of terrain and a unique built in locking mechanism that is structurally part of the frame.

Breezer is one of the the top Transportation Bicycle brands in the world. They are known for quality, efficient and comfortable bicycles. Their folding bikes feature 20” wheels and come with fenders to keep your clothes clean.

Kettler is a German company which has released a new line of Asian built bikes, including a 20” folding bike designed to be portable, easy and fun to ride.

Lombardo folding bikes are made in Italy and feature 20” wheels. They come complete with fenders, racks and light systems making it easy to ride in all types of weather and lighting conditions.

Melon folding bikes were designed to be high performance 20” folders that could nimbly navigate the city streets.

Montague makes full size folding bikes with 26” and 700c wheels. With a patented design that does not brake the frame to fold, a Montague bike feels like a regular, non folding bicycle and can be ridden on city streets, boardwalks, and some models can be taken on hard-core mountain bike trails. The US Military uses their Paratrooper bike in the operations all over the world. The new 700c wheel sized series are perfect for bike commuting.

PUMA bikes are made by Biomega and feature quality frames with a built in locking mechanism and 20 or 24” wheels. Available in standard white or black colors, they also come in head-turing “Island Colors” for flying through the city streets.

Swiss bikes are made by Montague and feature the same larger wheel sizes that are found on normal - non folding bikes. Great for hitting the mountain bike trails, Swiss bikes are excellent mountain bikes and the fact that they fold is an added bonus.

Folding bike brands we don’t carry

Bike Friday Folding Bikes
Bike Friday folding bikes are all hand made in the USA in a small facility in Oregon where your bike is built specifically for you and the type of riding you plan on pursuing.

Birdy Folding bikes are full suspension bicycles that fold on the pivot point of the suspension. Birdy was created in 1992 and these bicycles have been popular throughout Europe and have been gaining traction in the USA in recent years.

Brompton Bicycles
Brompton bikes are built and designed in their West London factory in England. Brompton creates bikes that can be used for all modes of transportation, providing mobility without the restriction of automobiles.

Dahon is the largest folding bike company in the United States. They make portable bicycles for virtually every type of riding, from cruisers, to mountain bikes, road bike racing and fixed gears. Dahon also makes an extensive selection of accessories including bike cases, bags, baskets, a foldable helmet and much more.

Giant Bicycles is one of the major non-folding bike brands in the United States and have created a folding bike called the Expressway with 20” wheels and a portable folding design.

Moulton Bicycles
Some riders consider the Moulton bike to be the most efficient bicycle in the world.. Designed to be comfortable, portable and performance oriented, the Moulton was the first full-suspension, separable, small wheeled bicycle made, and has now been hand-crafted in England for over 50 years.

Schwinn has been a mainstay brand since most people can remember. They make several different folding bikes, most with 20” wheel sizes designed for basic riding, easy storage, comfort and portability.

Strida folding bikes were invented in the United Kingdom to serve as an alternative to fossil fuel powered transportation. Built with a very unique triangular shape and an extremely fast folding time, the Strida is also clean to ride and carry thanks to a greaseless chain, rustproof frame and wheels to roll it when folded.

Swift bikes are USA based company that wanted to create a bicycle that is sturdy, fast, and can quickly fold in 10 seconds or less. Their bikes are built around the standard Swift frame and the specs are then chosen and each bike is built as ordered.